Flexible, cheap, and thorough. Pest Zap will come to you in an unmarked vehicle to ensure you get the discrete, private, care!
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Our cockroach control offers expert, professional and eco-friendly pest control




Our pest control plan will shut down ants and other pests, and our advanced solutions keep them away.




Rat elimination usually consists of sanitation and rat removal. To get rid of rats in your home, book PestZap now!

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What are pests good for? Nothing but making your life more difficult! You’re busy with work, school, family, friends, etc. and pests are the last thing you need on your plate. Pest Zap Pest Control is here to make things just a little bit easier for you. 


My name is Asmat and I am a Professional Agrologist with the British Columbia Institute of Agrology (BCIA). I have been in the Agriculture industry for over 20 years. I have worked as a pest-control specialist and quality-control specialist my whole career, and have years of experience in the industry. All of this experience has made me knowledgeable about the most effective, eco-friendly, and safest methods of pest control on the market. I founded Pest Zap to bring my knowledge of pest control solutions to you in your home and workplace, so you know that you’re in good hands.


Pest Zap is great at what we do. And what we do is specialize in pest removal of all kinds. We cover residential areas as well as commercial areas. Working around you and your schedule and needs is what makes us everyone’s go-to for pest control. Pest Zap makes reliable pest-control there is! We believe everyone deserves quality work for the lowest prices possible, and Pest Zap is here to give you that!

One thing PestZap prides itself on is our unbeatable reliability. Thats why we have an extra long warranty, we only collect money AFTER the job has been done, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back*! Once we complete our services in your home, workplace, or establishment, PestZap will give you THREE WHOLE MONTHS to call and get us to come back to continue treatments until your pests are COMPLETELY gone!

We believe no customer should ever spend money on a poorly done job, or even a job that just didn't work for your specific needs. With PestZap's thorough inspections and accurate price quotes, you'll never feel like you're getting ripped off! PestZap prides itself on our EXTRA low prices.  We work WITH you to determine what exactly causes the problem, we not only eliminate the pests but also the root of the issue, and we always make sure to include solutions that last! We believe simply killing a pest doesn't solve the problem, rather the root and other variables must be eliminated too!

PestZap will always gurantee the best, most thorough, efficient, and of course environmentally friendly methods to rid YOUR home of those teeny tiny uninvited guests.

*If your problem has not been solved and you contact us within the three-month warranty period. We will not accept payment until the problem has been solved via YOUR word. 

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Very friendly and professional. My bed bug issue was gone so fast. I would totally recommend this business to all my family and friends!! Thank you so much for the help. Bugs can be such a pain but with this professional your problem will be gone very fast!! Bravo

Asmat is amazing!! He is so polite and will provide you with service at your earliest convenience and does a professional job!

Would recommend him to anybody! Good value for your money!

Such kind and thoughtful service. Asmat was at my house within hours of my call and had solved the problem shortly thereafter. I am so glad that I called Pest Zap, they prioritize customer service above all else. I highly recommend giving them a call!!!

Asmat went above and beyond with helping me to resolve my pest issue. He was very knowledgeable and helpful, I highly recommend Pest zap to anyone who is looking for an exterminator. A very pleasant experience, and I will continue to use his services from here on out.


Pest Zap Pest Control was created and is currently owned by Asmat, who will answer your calls, reply to your emails, and also deal with your pests. You'll never have to worry about miscommunication or dealing with several different people because Asmat has got your back!
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