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Our pest control plan will shut down ants and other pests, and our advanced solutions keep them away.




Rat elimination usually consists of sanitation and rat removal. To get rid of rats in your home, book PestZap now!


Found in: Kitchens

Ants are one of the most common types of house pests that need removing. Ants require absolutely any food source that is suitable for them, and they'll make their way into your home, causing a problem for you and your house. Ants can infest the inside of your walls, which can cause serious structural problems if not removed quickly and efficiently. 


Found in: Walls, Kitchens




Raccoons have easily become a very prominent pest in B.C. They have tied humans and food together, and because of it, will commonly go through trash cans and try to find some sort of discarded food. Raccoons carry a number of dangerous diseases and can become more skilled in stealing food from your home if not treated correctly.


Fleas can cause serious health issues if not treated quickly. Flea saliva can cause allergies and diseases such as, in extreme cases, Typhus and the Bubonic Plague. They are usually found of animals such as dogs, raccoons, and skunks, and can be carried in shoes and blankets, waiting to find a new host.


Found in: Trashcans

Found in: Animals, Clothing, Bedding



Bedbugs can enter your home from old or used furniture, purses or bags that have been placed even for a short amount of time on old furniture, can grab onto clothing, shoes, gloves, or bags and create trouble in sleeping. Bedbugs do not carry any specific critical diseases, but are a huge nuisance and make it difficult to sleep peacefully.


Found in: Bedding, Clothing, Furniture


Birds are one of the less common house pests, but still pests nonetheless. Birds can begin to nest in your ceilings or attic, and can attract other pests such as fleas or ticks. Birds in B.C. specifically can become aggressive if not handled correctly. If you're dealing with birds, don't try dealing with it on your own, call PestZap to remove them for you.


Found in: Ceilings, Attics, Sheds



Cockroaches are a very easy pest to attract. They seek moisture, warmth and food which can come from crumbs, old food containers, full sinks, and mold. Cockroaches are easily removed, but need to be done so professionally in order to keep them away for good.


Found in: Kitchens


There are two common types of termites that can infest your home, both of which need proper removal. Workers, which are commonly found in walls or old pieces of wood, and Swarmers, the reproductive termites. both need efficient and fast removal in order to prevent fatal damage to your home's structure.


Found in: Walls




Rodents become an issue when they gnaw on furniture and different items in your home to keep their teeth sharp. Rodents can nest and reproduce rapidly, and cause unnecessary moisture in ceilings and walls, in which case need they to be exterminated immediately. Fortunately, rodents are not difficult to exterminate.


Silverfish will enter your home through cracks in your surrounding foundation, and minuscule crevasses that lead into your home. Silverfish usually enter your home due to moist spaces like moldy wood, which can create tiny holes for them to enter. If not treated correctly, silverfish can become an enormous problem, but PestZap is here to help.


Found in: Walls, Furniture, Sheds

Found in: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms



Squirrels will try their hardest to enter your home. If a space is not big enough for them to enter, they will do everything hey can to make it big enough. They can enter your house through holes, chimneys, vents, or damaged shingles. Squirrels will chew electric cables and water pipes, causing serious damage, including house fires, requiring them to be removed quickly.


Found in: Ceilings, Attics, Sheds


Moths are mainly a pest because of their ability to eat through natural fabrics such as silks and wool. Moths make their way into your house through open windows and doors, or their larvae can enter on food or boxes. If not treated correctly, moths can eat through fabric and other materials, becoming a nuisance.


Found in: Clothing, Closets, Drawers



Flies reproduce extremely fast and can quickly become annoying. They breed in food and waste left out, or they make their way into anywhere food is being stored, causing rot and mold. If you suddenly notice a swarm of flies in or near your house, an infestation is nearby, and needs immediate action.


Found in: Trashcans, Kitchens


Beetles will make their way into your home in times of drought or general dryness to try and find a decent water source or moisture. For some beetles, moist wood can be a food source for their larvae, causing an unstable structure in your home. Call PestZap to rid your house of these insects.