Hornets are easily one of the most dangerous insect species that can terrorize people, making their lives very uncomfortable. PestZap is determined to help you avoid being terrorized by these nasty pests, especially in your own home or work environment. We offer professional hornet control services in Surrey, Vancouver, and all other cities in the whole of B.C.

Why choose a professional hornet control service like PestZap?

PestZap offers hornet control services in all B.C. cities for your convenience. Here are a number of reasons why you need the job handled by professionals:

  • Removal Safety Issues

Hornet removal is very risky and can lead to very serious hornet attacks if not done properly. PestZap has a well-trained team that uses proper hornet removal gear and the appropriate techniques during the removal process. We strongly advise home owners and workers to not attempt amateur removals.

  • Comfort Restoration

Whether at home or at work, hornets will always make your life unbearable, with the imminent threat of attack never leaving the back of your mind. PestZap can restore your comfort levels with professional hornet control services in Langley, Delta, and many other B.C. cities. You never have to worry about surprise attacks anymore!

  • Health Threat

Hornets can be a very serious threat to your health in the event of an attack. Some people are very allergic to hornet stings and this can lead to serious illnesses and medical issues. Younger children can also suffer serious skin damage that never fully recovers. They also pose a fatal risk to smaller pets such as birds and other domestic animals such as chickens.


It’s always wise to take immediate action whenever you are experiencing hornet issues. PestZap’s hornet control services in B.C. can help you get rid of hornet nests safely and protect you family, friends, and colleagues from the risks that they pose!