PestZap is the leading pest control service in Surrey, as well as in many other cities in the province. Our pest control services in B.C. are designed to help keep households and workplaces free of invading pests and pest infestations to avoid a number of pest issues such as:

Health Hazards

Where there are pests, there are going to be health hazards. Pests like flies and cockroaches have been known to cause serious food contamination which often leads to cases of food poisoning. As such, living with such pests in your living or working area is dangerous. Luckily, PestZap offers convenient pest control services in Delta, Richmond, and all other B.C. cities that can help you eliminate and prevent these health hazards.

Property Damage

Most pests cause serious damage to property whenever they invade into human territory such as homes or offices. Ants, for instance, can destroy wooden furniture, from regular items like doors to pricey items like pianos and antique furniture. As such, you may end up incurring serious costs to replace such property, if it’s even replaceable.

Total Discomfort

The reason why we build homes and offices in the first place is to seek comfort and avoid the harsh environment of nature, which includes pests. As such, pest infestations in our living and working environment defies the purpose of having a shelter in the first place. These pests often introduce a lot of dangers and discomfort such as contaminated food and sometimes even dangerous biting/stinging attacks (such as from pests such as rodents, wasps, and hornets).


PestZap can help you to avoid serious pest issues with professional extermination and pest control services in B.C. These services will help you eliminate existing pests in your home or office as well as prevent future infestations. Our pest control services are wide-ranged, including rodent control, wasp control, ant control, and flea control services in Abbotsford, Burnaby, as well as other cities all over B.C.