PestZap is the ultimate solution to dealing with rodent infestations, whether in your household, or your workplace. Our pest control services are available all over B.C., from Langley all the way to New Westminster and they're designed to rid your home of these marauding and invading vermin, to restore your comfortable living environment.

Do I need Rodent Control Services?

We all enjoy the comfort of our homes, right? Now imagine sharing your living space with wild rodents. There are a lot of risks that rodents present and PestZap is determined to help you avoid them all, whether you’re in Delta, Richmond, or elsewhere in British Columbia. Here are some of the risks that our pest control services help you avoid:

Health Hazards

Rodents are some of the most effective transmitters of diseases and infections, as well as carriers of a whole lot of other smaller pests such as fleas and worms. As such, rodent infestations in any home or office setting introduce all sorts of nasty infections and pests into your living environment.

The presence of rodents can lead to serious health hazards, from transmitting communicable diseases to food contamination (which often leads to food poisoning). PestZap’s services can help you eliminate any rodents in your living or working space to protect you and your family or colleagues from serious health issues.

Predatory Hazards

Being wild in nature, rodents have been known to attack household animals and pets such as chickens, rabbits, and other small creatures. This means that they are a menace that can easily kill (and eat) your pet hamster or your egg-laying chicken while you sleep at night. Rodents also tend to attract other predators such as snakes, which further puts you in harm’s way.

Property Damage

The natural habits of rodents can lead to property destruction such as holes in furniture. This makes them a serious menace that must be swiftly dealt with before causing serious damage such as chewing important documents, electric cables, and much more.


Always be quick to seek professional pest control services if you experience a rodent infestation. PestZap is always ready to help you deal with these nasty invaders with effective rodent control services in Surrey and other cities in B.C.!